Positive Intentions for Summer

It is hard to believe that we are already almost 6 months into the year. It seems like yesterday we were celebrating the holidays! With summer quickly approaching and officially beginning on June 20th, the My Mahana team have been discussing the importance of going into the summer months with the right intentions.

Like each season, we should have goals and intentions set in place. That being said, the summer months are to be enjoyed as well. Whether you have a summer season full of traveling, working, launching a new business or spending time with family, we have rounded up our favorite pieces for summer that will not only help you set your intentions but also spruce up your summer style.


If you’re taking the summer off for relaxation or working hard on a new project, it is important to maintain balance in your lifestyle. If you’re traveling, consider keeping a journal of all your experiences to keep your brain stimulated. If you’re cooped up in an office working, head to the beach for the weekend to free your mind. It is so important to have a balanced way of living so we can make positive and clear decisions. Our Balance Intention Bracelet is a perfect reminder of this and is beautifully crafted with Crazy Lace Agate.


Our Focus Intention bracelet is made from Snowflake Jasper and works wonderfully paired with the Balance Intention Bracelet. The intention behind these stones are to keep the wearer focused and centered throughout chaotic situations. Whether you are spending your summer in a busy office or hanging out with your family, these stones will keep you grounded as well as stylish.


Although you may be spending your summer working or being a busy social butterfly, it is important to take these months to find some tranquility.

Whether you find peace at the beach, at the gym or even sleeping in late, it is key that you take time to do this over summer. Our Calm Intention bracelet is made from Blue Tigers Eye and is designed to bring serenity to the wearer, relieving stress and anxiety and bringing peace.


It is officially bikini season and now is the time to be focused on your physical health more than ever. That being said, our mental health is just as important as our physical health. The Mahana Wellness Bracelet is designed to bring the intention of health and well-being to the wearer. Amethyst is a positive stone and works to promote a healthy mental and physical being. It helps to improve mental awareness and when worn in the workplace will help with stress, anxiety and depression.

We hope this helps you set the right intentions for your summer season!  Shop the full My Mahana intention collection HERE.


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