Intro to Crystal Healing

Crystal healing dates back hundreds of years. Shamans, medicine men, holy men and healers have all used various crystals in their methods of healing. Today, crystal healing has become an alternative therapy method that aids in ones physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

Crystals contain energy, each carries its own natural vibrations that in turn create certain properties that become helpful for healing specific ailments. They assist in activating our own healing energies and help us realign with nature. For example, Turquoise was a stone Native American medicine men would keep in their sacred bundles because of the healing powers it possessed. Today, it has become known for its positive healing energy and its power to strengthen the entire body.  

Crystals are often used in meditation, which is known to ease stress and bring calm to the body and mind. By learning each crystals unique properties, you will begin to know what could be helpful to you. Follow our blog to learn more on crystal energy and healing.  


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