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Treat yourself to a candle-lit staycation with our Candle Sampler Box! This sample box comes with six divine scents that will fill your home with a sense of clarity, balance, and unconditional love. Plus, with the included abundance candle, you'll always have plenty of relaxation and chill vibes! All that's left to do is light up and enjoy!

Unleash the power of crystal-infused wellness with the Mahana Wellness Intention Candle! Featuring amethysts crystals and coconut soy wax, this candle is perfect for easing stress and promoting natural healing. Light it up and let the magic of amethysts do its thing! Who knew wellness could be this pretty?

Light up your life with Mahana's Unconditional Love Intention Candle! Enjoy the enchanting vanilla rose scent and be surrounded by pure love and positive energy infused with rose quartz crystals, rose petals, and the intention to cultivate self-love. Feel the love with one simple spark!

Welcome abundance into your home with this magical Mahana Abundance Intention Candle! Infused with jade crystals and sage, this spellbinding scent promises to manifest money and good vibes, so grab a match and get ready to manifest your dreams! So let’s get this party-for-one started!

Set your intentions right with the Mahana Clarity Intention Candle! This crystal-infused spa candle is a game-changer for relaxation, releasing all your worries with its Eucalyptus mint scent and jasmine petals. Reclaim your zen and look forward to clarity with this relaxing spa candle!

Light up balance and serenity with this Mahana Balance Intention Candle!  Infused with amazonite crystals and healing moon milk oils, this special candle will help you find inner peace and tranquility.  It's the perfect companion for meditation, relaxation, and finding balance. Plus, it's infused with gentle chamomile petals to help you drift off into dreamland. Who said candlelight can't be therapeutic?