Mahana Wellness Intention Hand Sanitizer

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Mahana Wellness Intention Hand Sanitizers are infused with amethysts crystals and natural lavender fragrance oils. They are designed to bring the intention of health and wellness. Amethyst is a positive stone and works to promote a healthy mental and physical being.  It helps to improve mental awareness and will help with stress, anxiety and depression. 

All of our hand sanitizers are cruelty-free  and vegan. They are made with authentic, ethically-sourced crystals and custom fragrance oils in each hand sanitizer. They are non-toxic and free of parable, synthetic dyes, and phosphates.

  • 73% alcohol
  • 3% fragrance oil
  • Hand-made in California


Monitor use with children.

RETRIEVING YOUR CRYSTAL: Once your crystal is ready to be retrieved, use a spoon to pull out and gently wash with soap and water.