Our Founder

Nisonja McGary
Founder, Mahana

Celebrity stylist Nisonja McGary founded Mahana in 2013, a handcrafted artisan jewelry collection purposefully created for you to set your deepest intentions with every piece. Every Mahana design is made by hand in Los Angeles with volcanic lava beads that have been sustainably collected from the Polynesian islands. These ancient beads have been used for centuries to create a grounding, healing affect when worn against the skin. The Mahana collection is designed to support your personal goals and empower you to allow your intentions such as love, abundance, clarity, healing, and willpower to come true. As one of Hollywood’s most beloved fashion experts, Nisonja has been featured in Forbes, amongst other press and her clients include Jamie Foxx, Angelina Jolie, Katie Holmes, Julia Roberts, Madonna, Kate Winslet, but what she loves most is sharing the power of positive intention through Mahana and showing that wearing what you want to bring into your life creates hope,  healing, and joy every single day.