Constellation Zodiac Gemini Pearl Necklace

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Make a statement with this stellar pearl necklace! Featuring a pearl stone on a Gemini necklace, it's the perfect accessory for expressing your star sign! Rock it with your fave outfit and show off your cosmic style! 💫

Like your birthstone, the precious pearl, you are as cultured as they come. Castor and Pollux—your twin stars in the sky—are both mortal and divine, mirroring your mix of earthy curiosity and heavenly inspiration. Pearls are purported to clarify thoughts during moments of decision. Just as no two of these orb-like treasures are the same, you may be a twin, but originality is your calling card.

Sun goes into Gemini:
May 20th - June 20th 

Words that describe you:
Dualistic, Versatile, Curious and Optimistic

Zodiac Birthstone:
Pearl – Stone of Purity

Your Element: 

Fervent mental energy

Life Pursuit:
Exploring a little bit of everything 

Gemini Secret Desire:
Being ahead of the crowd

Ruling Planet: 
Mercury - Movement, Concepts

  • Gemini: dualistic, versatile, curious and optimistic
  • Pearl: innocence, beauty, foresight.
  • White Topaz: individuality, creativity, awareness
  • 16" + 2" extender
  • 18KT Gold Plated Brass