3 Essentials Habits for a Peaceful Meditation

Mediating is a great practice, but it can be very difficult to achieve a peaceful meditation. These 3 essentials will aid you to achieve Zen every time you meditate:

    1. Power Off: Keeping away from your electronics during meditation sounds self-explanatory, but most of us have a hard time disconnecting from all of our electronics. This means everything from your lights to your curling iron. All of these little things can add up to make one big distraction. If you are attached to your phone, try keeping it completely out of sight so you are not tempted to turn it back on.

      Tip: Use candles for light. Candles can create a more peaceful state with their natural light versus florescent lights.


        2. Declutter: The area of where you choose to meditate needs to be in order. Even with your eyes closed, you will feel your clothes, bills and random trinkets in your head. A clean, organized space with minimal furniture will be allow for a clear mind.

          Tip:Choose a corner or enclosed area in your house dedicated to mediating. A designated, clutter free area will make it easier for you to habitually meditate knowing you have your go to space.


          3. Intention: One of the hardest aspects about meditating is trying to stay focused. Setting an intention before meditating will help prevent becoming scatter brained. Not only does setting an intention help create focus, it also makes one more aware of their thoughts, actions and emotions.

          Tip: Write down your intention prior to meditating. If you write it, see it, say it and think it you are more likely to keep on track. Keep a mediation journal to track your intentions.

          Remember to make your meditation practice your own. When new to meditation it may seem like a foreign exercise and you may experience a hard time turning off your mind and focusing. Keep practicing, in time it will become easier to achieve stillness in your mind and begin to experience the positive effects of meditation.


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