A Mahana Mothers Day

We can hardly believe it is that time of the year again! It seems that every year, Mothers day creeps up on us and we our left running around and stressing out last minute to find the perfect gift for our Mom’s. The truth is, our Mother’s deserve so much more than just something you can wrap up in a box, but luckily My Mahana has some beautiful pieces that will make your Mom’s day.

The perfect mothers day gift should be thoughtful and should remind your Mom of you every time she looks at it. We have rounded up our top 5 gifting ideas that will make this Mothers’ day one to remember.

1. Druzy Agate Tea Strainer

What better way to brighten your Mom's morning than giving her a beautiful crystal tea strainer!? This gift is as useful as it is gorgeous. Druzy Agate is the perfect stone for creating tranquility and balance in the mind, body and spirit - always a great way to start your day!

2. Home Cleansing Kit

Whether it is used in the home or office, the My Mahana home cleansing kit will bring positive energy into your Mom’s space every day. The set comes with 1 White Sage bundle, 1 Clear Crystal Quartz and 3 Selenite wands. This is the perfect present for a Mom that wears our bracelets and leads the My Mahana lifestyle.

3. Protection Intention Bracelet

A great gift for a son to give their mother. What sweeter way than to say "I love you” than with a bracelet designed to protect the wearer. Every time she wears it she will think of you and be reminded of her night in shining armor!

4.  Love Intention Bracelet

A lovely gift for a daughter to give her mother. The Love Intention bracelet is made with Rose Quartz - the stone for love. The feminine pink color will remind her of her precious daughter and the special bond she shares with you.
5. Rose Quartz Spheres

Every mom could use a little love reminder on their desk or book shelf.  Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love and inner peace.  Our Rose Quartz spheres are the perfect size for any home or office space! 

We know that your Mom would be thrilled with any of these thoughtful gifts! Treat yourself as well as your Mom and enjoy 20% OFF of your purchase using code LOVEMOM at checkout!

*For those of you who live in Los Angeles, come and shop for your Mom for a cause! We will be having a trunk show at Ron Robinson in Santa Monica on Thursday May 5th from 5-8pm. 20% of all proceeds will be going to the Westside Family Health Center. See you there! 


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