Amethyst for Wellness

This weeks featured gemstone is Amethyst, found in our new Wellness Stack. Amethyst is the stone of power, protection, and healing. Our Wellness Intention bracelet set brings the energy of health and wellness to the wearer, promoting a healthy balance of the mind and body. My optimal level of wellness is achieved by living an active and healthy lifestyle, surrounding myself with positive people, and working hard to achieve my goals while always making time to have fun.

Just a few weeks ago I spent time in Pagosa Springs, CO visiting family. My favorite day of the trip included all things that promoted wellness. I spent the morning with about 15 family members on an eight mile hike to a beautiful waterfall and got home with enough time to do a quick upper body workout and pull-up contest with my cousins before showering, putting on my favorite pearl earrings and amethyst bracelet, then heading to a birthday dinner for my aunt that included good food and a great dessert. Days like these are when I feel at my best. On off days when I’m stuck in the library or when I have a stress overload, the amethyst bracelet keeps me balanced and centered.

Our bodies and our brains need constant TLC to stay healthy and happy. I like to keep a balanced diet because putting in natural organic foods has so many health benefits as opposed to sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and junk food which poison our bodies. These unnatural foods may taste good, but they make us gain weight, lose energy, and feel crabby and not fun to be around. I like to reward myself for staying on track by indulging with a pancake breakfast or a cookie at the end of the week. Small victories make this healthy lifestyle more easy to maintain.        

My favorite tip and easiest to follow is to save the calories for the food, AKA only drink water! Water is refreshing, hydrating, and can be made fun with infused fruit or even just a squeeze of lemon. Best of all, it’s free. Bring a reusable water bottle wherever you go and you will be surprised at how much money you’re saving as well as how much more energized you feel.       

Take care of your body and mind every day to achieve your optimal level of wellness. For days when you can’t do it all, and even for days when you can, keep the amethyst close to you and notice the positive difference it makes.

Written by Lizzie Case


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