Libras in Love and Relationships

Libra Glyph

September 22nd-October 22nd

What Libras want: Companionship
What Libras need: To be around people
What Libras fear: Being alone
Libra’s Best Trait: Diplomacy
Libra’s Worst Trait: Indecisiveness
Libra’s Best First Date: Museum visit or Concert
Libra’s Sexual Style: Meek but romantic

Libra is the sign of partnership so relationships are most important to this sign. Libra is an air sign and all three air signs are social and/or people oriented but Libras literally thrive on the energy of people around them. This can be both a gift and a curse for this sign because eventually we all need to learn to stand on our own two feet. But once Libras learn to do this, they unlock the key to having happy, long-lasting relationships. Keep reading for the inside scoop on the general Libra personality, how they behave in love relationships and which zodiac signs are their best matches!

The Libra Personality

Libra is the second air sign of the zodiac and people born under this element (Gemini & Aquarius) are social/people oriented, thinkers and love to share ideas. Libra is a cardinal sign which means they are initiators and are not afraid to go after what they want. But all four cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) may have a tendency to be bossy and/or have a one track mind when it comes to achieving goals. Libra shares a ruler (Venus) with earth sign, Taurus. Venus is the planet of love and beauty and this is very much a part of the libra personality. This coupled with the fact that Libra rules the 7th house in astrology, which is a relationship house, makes them the most co-dependent sign in the zodiac. Of course not all Libras are co-dependent. We all have a natal chart that gives more specific insight to our personalities. But many Libras need to be around and feel connected to people. This doesn’t mean that all Libras are extroverts but even the shy ones tend to be happier when in a relationship or just hanging out with another person. This is the sign that doesn’t mind having a buddy with them, whether it’s to the grocery store or the gym. Libra’s symbol is the scales and they strive for balance in all areas of their lives. They like order and structure and don’t do well when things are out of whack. They take their time to weigh all options that are presented to them – even if it’s just picking a place to go to lunch. Because of this, they come off as indecisive, but they really just don’t want to make the wrong choice! Libras are diplomatic and fair and can see both sides of a situation. This can be seen as them being “two-faced” to other more extreme signs like Scorpio or Leo but Libra really doesn’t mean to come off this way. They hate being put in a position to pick a side and probably never will. They love harmony and are happiest when everyone seems to be getting along. Because of the Venus influence, many Libras have great taste and love being surrounded by beautiful things and/or appreciate the arts. This is the sign that you want to take along on a shopping trip because you’ll have a great time and be able to use their expertise to find some beautiful items.

Libras In Relationships

Libra’s life literally is relationships so this is what they do best. They are one of the most thoughtful, caring and loving signs in the zodiac and will give their all to the people they love. The problem is that not everyone deserves this love and Libras can be taken advantage of, especially early on in their lives. One of the lessons for Libras to learn in life is self-worth and independence which helps them to be an even better partner in the long run. Libra is one of the nicest signs in the zodiac so they may feel inclined to just go along with what their partner or date wants to do. It’s in their nature to appease but this can be detrimental in the long run because it keeps them from discovering what truly makes them happy. And until they are able to make themselves happy, they will never truly be able to make their partner happy. This is a common conundrum that Libra faces. It takes a lot to get Libra mad, mainly because they are so level-headed. This can be both a gift and a curse because on one hand, it keeps them from over reacting but it can also keep them from standing up for themselves when they need to. And once they do finally stand up for themselves, it may happen as a blow up which they may later regret. Another lesson for Libra to learn from relationships is to love people for their heart and not their outward appearance. Because Libra is ruled by beauty planet Venus, they are enamored with beautiful things, including people. This can cause them to date partners based on looks vs. substance. And because Libra is a social air sign, they can be ok with staying in a surface level relationship for longer than they should. But once Libra does find that perfect partner for them, hopefully after working on their self-love, they can bring so much joy to their partner’s life. They are catering, understanding and romantic. They enjoy the simple joys and beauty of life-like fine cuisine, art, music and anything creative. They also enjoy having hour-long conversations with their main squeeze or squeezes as Libras, especially the men, may have trouble settling down with just one person. Overall Libra is a wonderful sign to be in a relationship with and once you’ve won their heart, you will get the best part of them.

Libra’s Best Matches

Because Libra is such an easy-going sign, they can have a relationship with many signs in the zodiac but this doesn’t necessarily mean they should be in that relationship. Libras may have an instant connection with the other two air signs – Gemini and Aquarius. If not, they will definitely never be at a loss for words with each other as all three signs can be very chatty. Gemini can bring out the intellectual side of Libra but Gemini’s need for change and independence may make Libra feel insecure. Both signs need to be mature and ready to make this relationship work. Aquarius brings out the natural humanitarian in Libra and Libra lets Aquarius be the quirky sign it is. But Libra’s co-dependency tendency can be a turn off for the notoriously independent and loner-esque Aquarius. Libra may also do well with fire signs Leo and Sagittarius since fire needs air to burn. I like Leo and Libra together since both signs have an appreciation for the finer things. Libra will give Leo the attention they love and need and Leo will reciprocate making Libra feel appreciated. Sagittarius and Libra can be a good match but like Aquarius, Sagittarius may be too independent for Libra who wants to spend as much time together as possible. Aries is Libra’s opposite sign and since opposites attract this can be a good match, at least in the beginning. Libra is attracted to Aries’ independence and confidence and can encourage Libra to be more outspoken and bold. But overtime Aries may start to boss Libra around and take their kindness for weakness. If these two signs can provide what each other is lacking in the relationship vs. trying to change each other, it can be a long-lasting love. Taurus can also be a good match for Libra since they share a sign ruler, Venus. These two signs have a lot of common interests. Taurus grounds the often light-hearted Libra and Libra adds variety to routine-loving Taurus’ life. My pick for the worst match for Libra is Scorpio. These two signs are right next to each other but have very different natures. Scorpio being a water sign is emotional and is not into anything surface level, especially relationships. Libra has a tendency to stay on the lighter side of life which can drive Scorpio mad. Scorpio is also a sign that tends to see things in black or white and Libra is ok with the gray area since they’d rather not pick just one side.

So if you’re thinking about dating a Libra or you’re already coupled with one, I hope this information was useful for you. If you want to learn more about Libra check out my All About the Zodiac Page. And remember, there is always more to the story when it comes to astrology. You need to understand a person’s natal chart and/or a compatibility chart to discover the intricacies of their personality and your relationship synergy.


Original post on Astro Fashionista 10-03-17


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