All About Pisces Zodiac Featuring Tamerri Alter

All About Pisces Zodiac Featuring Tamerri Alter
We have partnered with professional astrologer, Tamerri Z Ater, to help us understand all things zociac. She is the owner and Founder of AstroFashionista, LLC. Tamerri is a professional astrologer and personal success coach. She is also a dear friend! Her mission is to encourage and empower people to create prosperity in every area of their lives by using the ancient gift of astrology.

Today Tamerri is going to tell us all about The Pisces Zodiac Sign. Pisces is one of the signs of March. This is the first of many videos from The Astro Fashionista you will be seeing on Sage and Stone Blog. We are honored to have her bless us with her knowledge & expertise. You can find out more about astrology and this beauty directly on AstroFashionista, LLC. You might even want to book a reading with her. OK so let's see what these fish are up to this month!


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