Healing Crystals That Can Improve Your Focus, Mental Clarity and Productivity

Healing Crystals That Can Improve Your Focus, Mental Clarity and Productivity

Since they are formed within the earth, crystals harbor the energy of our planet. This energy manifests itself in everything from healing the body and lucid dreaming to the enhancement of mental clarity, productivity, and focus. Here are four crystals that help with these last three attributes.

Blue Sapphire

Sapphire is corundum that is any color but red, which would be a ruby. Each color brings its own virtues, but the blue sapphire is a stone of wisdom. It bestows peace of mind and helps the mind focus. In particular, blue sapphire manifests spiritual truth, love, and purity. It helps you remember your dreams and astral travel and increases mental clarity and intuition. Physically, blue sapphire helps heal disorders of the blood and the eyes and supports the circulatory system. 


Fluorite is a stone of protection and aids in your mental clarity by shutting out psychic manipulation and untoward outside influences. It removes stress and cleanses and reorganizes everything in the mind and body that is not in the right order. When you're driving long distances at night, keeping fluorite nearby can help prevent you from getting drowsy and can even save your life.

Fluorite promotes mental coordination, heals mental illnesses and helps you move past fixed ideas and narrowmindedness in order to see the bigger picture. It enhances other crystals, removes illusions and allows you to see the truth when you need to see things objectively. It is an excellent stone to help with learning because of its ability to organize the mind. Blue fluorite is especially good at promoting orderly thought. Green fluorite is a mental cleanser that allows information to bubble up from the subconscious mind.


Though the very name of the stone makes it especially good at healing blood disorders, bloodstone also calms the mind, removes confusion and enhances your ability to make decisions. It boosts intuition, keeps undesirable influences away and produces dreams. Bloodstone brings energy to the mind when you're mentally exhausted, helps you adjust to unexpected events and grounds the heart energy. For a restful night’s sleep, place a piece of bloodstone in a bowl of water next to your bed.


This healing crystal has a high vibration and brings divine energies and peace. It also attracts good luck, reveals the truth, and contributes to alignment and balance. The inner peace that celestite brings helps ease the mind and remove worry. Celestine supports mental clarity and communication and helps you understand complex ideas. It joins the intellect with the instincts to achieve mental balance. It opens you up to the energies of the universe if it’s put on the third eye, which is between and just above your eyes.

Humans have known about the power of crystals for millennia. Some of them are especially useful for focusing the mind or calming the emotions. Most are easy to find and inexpensive. If you want more information, contact a person who’s been trained in crystal healing.

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