Peace. Protection. Love. Balance.

Peace. Protection. Love. Balance.
These are things to focus on for the new year. Mahana was developed to aid in centering your attention toward those goals.

Peace. Protection. Love. Balance.

Of course we want it all, but if you’re already in a peaceful place is it protection you now need? Receiving love is truly one of the best feelings of all. Question is, are your emotions in balance for it? Below are examples of intentions to focus on to enabling you to stay on a positive course.

Having clarity is important so you know what to focus on. Quartz is said to be the master healer stone, bringing positive, clean energy to the wearer. Allow the Quartz Crystals to dispel that negative energy to help clear you mind for spiritual growth and creativity. Let the Lava Bead bring your newly opened creative space, back to the centered, by its grounding abilities. Now that you have cleared your path, homed in on your focus, let's make sure your balance is ready, so when you release all bad intentions, the good ones will follow through you.

Picking one of the Chakras can be a good way to maintain that new found balance. Each Charka touches a point of spiritual energy within the human body. Be it the: Root, Heart, Third Eye, or powerful 7th Crown, The Chakra system starts at the base of the spine, moving up to the top of the head. 

The First Charka is also known as the Root Chakra. When in balance, the Root Chakra will bring a grounded feeling, connecting you to the earth. When you are balanced and grounded you are able to make clear decisions. Every day annoyances will not get you flustered and you will be able to effectively navigate through life's ups and downs.

Finally, Aquamarine aids you in release. All the above have made it so your letting go. With the Aquamarine, you'll be in touch with your spiritual being. This stone is used in deep meditations and creates calm within the mind. Aquamarine, inspires truth, trust, and letting go. 
Now again, this was just an example of how to create positive balanced energy within. Each individual is different. So go for it! Time to create your own intention set.   Find what you need for a, HAPPY NEW YEARRRRRRRR!! (Insert blow horns).

Stay safe. Stay wise. Stay fulfilled. Stay with us. Love Mahana.

MahanaO MahanaO


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