The Heart of it All

The heart of it all, or Root, if you will.

You've cleared out your old baggage. You've burned your Sage, which incidentally can be done all year round (did someone say, "Spring Cleaning"?).  Now let's get to the center, the heart, the reason for it all. You. You are the center of all your energy. The Root, if you will, is you.
The ROOT CHAKRA is located at the base of the spine. This core base is related to: survival, stability, health, constitution and security. The beginning to becoming centered, always starts with being grounded (aka the Grounding Bracelet) after that it’s about finding the core of what needs fine tuning or repair.  What needs help?

One of my favorite childhood books is The 7 Chinese Brothers. What does that have to do with anything?  Each brother made a major part in helping the other out when one was in trouble.  Like the Chakras, each is connected to the other.  There are 7 Charka points of spiritual energy within the human body.  The first, also known as The Root Charka is the energy starting point (again at the base of the spine), moving up to the top of the head.  When our Root Charka is unbalanced we may feel unsettled, and not grounded.  It may be hard to find focus, and anxieties may be high.    
Red, Black, Gold, Yellow, Rose, Blue. All these play significant parts in how your Chakra will work for you. Be it the: Root, Sacral, Solar, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, or Crown, each family member helps to restore the root. The core. The center. You.
Now that your area is cleansed, take this time to find if, you, are cleansed. Take a moment. Sit with yourself. Ground your being. You never know. You might shock yourself, in finding your Chakara.

Once again. Stay safe. Stay wise. Stay fulfilled with all you deserve and want. Stay with us.
Mahana Love,


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